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BearShare is one of the many P2P networks that have been operating for some time now. It is the software generally used by system users for the downloading of files and other matters from the internet. It had its own share of problems initially in not only in meeting the competition but also in its functioning. Several cases of malfunctioning were observed with several reports of wrong downloading of files. However, with easy usability for children and others not accustomed to customer use has kept it going. Things have vastly improved with the latest add-ons. The add-ons have helped not only in improvement in the functioning but also the introduction of several new features.

The add-ons have been the most helpful to users with clear guidance for helping them in easy downloading and optimizing it. Several useful extensions to the add-ons are possible. The first of the add-ons is BearShare Accelerator. It ensures bandwidth utilization to the full and exploration of all sources for downloading of files automatically. The best feature of this add-on is the speed with which the file you need is located and downloaded for you to use. Its other features include resumption of downloads that might have been interrupted earlier and also correcting wrong downloads made earlier.

The second on is the BearShare Manager. It is software exclusively for users of BearShare only. It contains several features in the management of downloads that could be renaming, copying, deleting, or moving of files. It also helps in maintaining a file catalogue. That means it creates what is called a File List Generator that includes all downloads carried out using BearShare. The List Generator helps you in keeping track of all your files.  It does the search process of the file catalogue for your use in matter of a few seconds. Application of the program is quite easy and it comes free of charge.

The BearFlix add-on has been created to serve the client in the matter of downloading of video files. It is a program designed for beginners as well as advanced users. It is optimized who are dealing with video files. All that is required for downloading any video file is entering a search term and the BearFlix will locate it for you. There is also a file rating option that is included in the add-on to help the user in keeping scams off the network. It is to be noted that as in the case of all P2P networks BearFlix also does not guarantee that all the files are virus free or named correctly.

For people with multiple tastes BearShare SpeedUp Pro is a great additional add-on. It is used in file sharing application in the matter of downloading movies, music, books etc; or any other filer that may be of interest to you. Enhancement of downloading and speeding up of the process are the attractive features of BearShare SpeedUp Pro add-on. Configurations that could not be saved from last run are sorted up automatically and downloaded. Resumption of broken downloads and clearing erroneous ones automatically are other vital features. You get all this without fear spyware and free of charge.

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