How to synchronize BearShare with devices

For Windows, MusicLab has designed a peer to peer sharing and downloading program, which is known as BearShare. The BearShare is by far the best sharing software. There is a huge library in this P2P sharing system; an anticipated figure is 15 million+ mp3 songs and a large number of videos of the best quality are available with this amazingly superb sharing software. This time the amazing experience of sharing and downloading mp3s is going to be far better than before. The new version of BearShare software comes with lots of exciting and improved features. This time library is made more vast and organized, so that you can find songs and videos according to various categories. BearShare is made more precised to get synchronized to library of your mobiles, iPod or mp3 players every time you connect them to your computer. There is a new function integrated with new BearShare named BearShare DJ, which creates a playlist according to your mood or artist you want to listen; you just have to enter your desired over there and it will create a playlist from its own. Apart from sharing and downloading you can upload pictures and interact with new people. In the gallery of BearShare they include many HD quality videos this time.

The basic requirements of the BearShare software for your PC are windows XP or much advanced operating system, processing speed of minimum 233 MHz with dual or single processor, Ram of at least 128 MB, in hard drive space of 13 MB for BearShare and 18 MB for windows Media Player, if not installed; version 6.0 of Internet Explorer or above, WM player of 10 series is also recommended with an active connection to the Internet.

Sometimes a problem will occur with your devices like iPod, mp3 player or mobiles that BearShare finds to be disabled to sync with these devices’ playlists. That’s why you have to make sure that your device is compatible to BearShare. If your device is compatible but then also you are facing the same problem, then you should try these solutions as follows:

Try updating of the firmware on your device, because if the device is new or corrupted then updated firmware may be not perfectly installed. For installing the updated firmware, go to the official site of your device’s manufacturer or browse the internet for original and advanced firmware.

You have to make sure that the devices you are using have the auto detect mode enabled, or its MTP must be turned on. If the device is using MSC mode, you have to change it. For changing the mode firstly eject and then unplug your device from PC; turn on that device then click on ‘Menu’ after that go to the ‘settings’ of USB; there you will find MTP or MSC, select the Auto Detect mode by clicking over MTP.

If that will also not make it for you, then try another thing; update the MTP Device driver on your Windows. You can perform it by going through the ‘Properties’ of USB mass Storage device or take the help of troubleshoot for this. If any of these solutions don’t get success, then the last option for you is to simply format the portable device you are using.

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