How BearShare has improved

BearShare is a peer to peer file sharing program that is very famous all over the world by the users. The software is great for people who want the most out of their media such as images, videos and much more. The software allows you to do various things to your music files that other software often don’t allow. You can discover new music and even download them with the help of this software. Other than that, this software allows you to make your personal profile for others to see and this way you and your friends can share music with each other.  The instructions of downloading the software are so simple that even a young child can do it with complete ease. You do not require any special training or computer knowledge in order to successfully complete the downloading process.

Until now BearShare has released 10 updates to its software, the tenth being the latest obviously. All of these upgrades have brought out amazing features to the already great software and the tenth edition hasn’t failed to amaze its users. The latest edition has an all new look with brilliant graphics and user interface which makes it a user’s delight. Awesome features and styling have made this latest edition stand apart from all other previous editions. Besides, this software is highly compatible which makes it suitable to run on all systems such as Windows, Mac etc. Thus, the appeal for this software reaches out to a wider global audience.

The foremost noticeable new feature of this software is the new library. As said earlier, the user interface and the graphics are simply stunning. The sleek visuals and the easy to understand layout will even make your grandma love using this software. And for the more seasoned user, browsing through their media files such as videos and music had never been this easy. This makes your library super organized. Since most of us are using iPods and MP# players nowadays, it is important that the media software we use on our computer is friendly with our devices. BearShare is exactly that. It allows you to connect your iPods to this software by manually transferring songs and videos or simply sync the two devices and you can stay relaxed while you see the software do its magic.

This software is highly customizable and to show you why, you can transform the colour scheme of your software into your desired colour. Personalize your favourite software according to your personality and mood that you are sporting each day. Doesn’t matter if you are biker or a Barbie loving school girl, you will find your favourite colours over here.  One of the greatest reasons why this software got so popular is because of its DJ feature. You can just type any song or artist’s name and BearShare automatically makes an entire playlist based on your search. This enables you to enjoy the music you like according to a particular preference.

The latest BearShare is great for many reasons and one should make the best use of it by downloading the free software.

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