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As of today, BearShare is one of the most popular online music retailers. Users can buy themselves a membership and this grants them access to a vast collection of music. Users can listen to an unlimited number of tunes on their computer. However, the membership will only allow you to access a song through the BearShare interface. If you want to burn a song to a CD for listening on other music players then you will be required to purchase that song. Even users possessing a membership need to buy a song separately to claim ownership to the track. Once the track is bought, you can burn it onto a CD for using elsewhere. Of course, you can burn free mp3s to cd in any other ways, but here we focus on doing it using this program.

Advantages of Burning a CD of Music

While BearShare gives you access to a number of tracks, it is limited by the fact that you can’t use these tracks without the software. This is a downer if you intend to listen to the BearShare music through your personal media player. Switching on your computer every time you want to listen to your BearShare music is a real pain as well. It would be so much more convenient if we can simply burn a CD of our BearShare music. This CD can be used anywhere you want. Surely, the freedom of listening to your music anywhere you please is worth the price to be paid for a track.

How to Go About Burning a CD Using BearShare

Burning a music CD using BearShare is a very simple process. It has been designed so as to make the most basic computer user comfortable operating it.

The steps involved in the process are as follows:
•    Launch the BearShare program. In the track library, all the songs that can be burned onto a CD will be identified by a green CD icon besides them. This green icon indicates your ownership of that song. Songs which do not have this green CD icon can be burned only after you purchase them.
•    Purchasing is a straightforward process as well. If you want to buy a track from the library then simply right-click on it and select the option ‘Buy Song’. Next up, you will be required to enter your credit card, debit card or PayPal details in the appropriate spaces. Once you complete the purchase, the track gets listed in your library and now has the green CD icon next to it. This means you now own the song and are free to burn it onto a CD.
•    Now click on the ‘Burn’ tab which will open the ‘Burn Pane’ right below your song library.
•    Using the mouse, drag and drop all the songs you want to burn from your song library to the burn page. Alternatively, you can also right-click on a track in the library and choose the ‘Burn to CD’ option in the dropdown menu. Both methods will add the song to the burn pane.
•    Insert a CD into your CD drive.
•    Now hit the ‘Start’ button located above the burn pane to begin the burning process. Wait until the process is complete. After completion, you have a CD with your favourite BearShare music.

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