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BearShare is one of the most popular and one of the oldest P2P service providers and have been serving customers since a long time. It’s more than a decade now since the work began in the year 1998 and the very first BearShare was introduced just a year later in 1999.  It vaunts of being the first company to introduce so many technologies to the world of P2P.

BearShare is extremely useful in downloading tracks and has made the errand so simple and easy that consumers are singing praises for them. There are just a couple of steps which need to be followed for successfully completing the downloading process. The instructions are simple and the use of lucid language further help the users to comprehend easily. The instructions for downloading appear on the screen and for successful downloading one need not have any special skill or knowledge on computer. Everything is so simple that just a few clicks can complete the downloading process with perfection.

The downloading of a track can be done with ease by following the few simple steps. To start with, you need to click on the ‘Search’ option and then select a song or an artist.  Once you get your desired track then Double-click on it. Or else, you can also click on the ‘Download’ button which can be seen towards the right hand side of the line of the track. The desired track needs to be Right-clicked. Once you do that you would find a menu from where you can choose the ‘Download’. One very important tip is that when you buy a track [Canada and US only], prior to choosing the MP3 purchase button option, you should try the option of ‘Play Sample’. This would ensure the selection of correct track.

Once the songs are downloaded they would appear in ‘My Library’ and also in the sections “Recently Downloaded”. Purchased Tracks will show in ’Purchased Content List’. The tracks of this folder should not be removed. However, you have the liberty of burning the tracks to any CD. This is possible because the licenses for the said tracks have been purchased by you. You can also use a portable device in which the tracks can be transferred. You also have the right of copying them into any other disk or folder.

BearShare also enables you to download complete albums and the process has many similarities to downloading of a track or artist. In case of downloading entire albums, you have to search for them much alike the way you searched for your favorite artist or track while downloading them. Once the search process is finished by BearShare, a section would appear on the screen titled as ‘Top Displayed Albums’. Every album name would have an ‘i’ icon beside it in the list of result. You have got to click on the icon beside your desired album. BearShare would prompt the album page to open and clicking on the button titled ‘Download Album’ would complete the process of downloading.

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